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Sigma Airlines transported to Libya a drilling rig

IL-76TD transport aircraft (registration UP-I7645) Sigma Airlines has successfully delivered oversized equipment weighing 27 tons to Libya.

The drilling rig, placed in the cargo compartment of the aircraft with minimal clearances along the inner sides using onboard winches, was delivered to Libya in accordance with the customer's requirements. The professionalism of Sigma Airlines employees helped the client save a significant amount of money and quickly receive his cargo.

Sigma Airlines transported a drilling rig to Libya
Sigma Airlines transported a drilling rig to Libya

Sigma Airlines specializes in the transportation of super-heavy and oversized cargo on IL-76 aircraft. For the delivery of oversized equipment, write to us through the contact form on the website, write by e-mail or call.

Sigma Airlines always adheres to generally accepted ethical business practices and does not support conflicting parties in Libya.

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